About Us

Le Smock…The essential tool for those who do…

Le Smock is a Sydney based business, set up to produce a practical, protective, unisex Adult Art Smock ; a cover-up for the doers and makers of this world.
Each and every smock is beautifully made, with attention to detail. Reinforced at stress points and french seamed for strength and durability. It is sized to be BIG. Designed to fit over your clothing with room for you to move and breath.

My name is Nadya E Anderson. I am an Artist, Sculptor, Craftswoman and Designer, working in the Visual and Performing Arts.

I have worked in many mediums, Gold and Silver Smithing, Jewellery and Sculpture, traditional Mosaic in marble and granite, Hat and Costume making, and Staging.

My favourite and indispensable tool is my Artists Smock.
I call it my ‘cloak of creativity’. When I put it on, I enter my mental work space, and focus on what I’m about to do. When I take it off, I am taking a break…

I have been using various versions of this garment for the past 30 years. I have remade it several times, improving on the design and adding features. Due to the strength of construction, my smocks have endured and survived all my varied activities and are still in use today.

Now I am making this garment available to you.

I offer an Adult Artist Smock. It is a well made, practical, aesthetically pleasing garment, designed to last.
I use natural, sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics – unbleached Cotton Calico and Natural Linen (flax) that are strong, durable, and improve their ‘feel’ with wash and wear.

Le Smock – every home should have one .. or two .. or ..